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The History of
NLS Racing, LLC

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Red and Orange Gradient

   In September of 2013, we started spectating at ChampCar Endurance Series events (formally Chumpcar World Series) to research and figure out logistics of building a race car.  
   By 2014, we decided to build a Nissan 240sx based off their fuel tank size, rear wheel drive and superior handling. In July 2014 we purchased 2 junked Nissan 240’s and began to disassemble one of them to build our car.

  Over the next 18 months, we completely stripped the car down and rebuilt it from the ground up. Starting with an empty shell, we began to build the roll cage. Once that was complete, we painted the interior of the car as well as the engine compartment. We installed new and used parts for the factory suspension, a newly rebuilt engine, new wiring harnesses and all other safety equipment required for racing in ChampCar Endurance Series. It was more work than we anticipated but it was worth it when it was complete.  Our first race would be VIR South March 2016.......

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