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OCTOBER 29-30, 2022






NLS Racing AMP 2022 Race Report:

After taking a victory in the previous 2 years at AMP, we had no reason to doubt we could three-peat, except for the fact that this was a stacked field with a lot of race winners. We knew we would have our work cut out for us. Our test day was uneventful, laid down some pretty poor lap times running on old, worn-out tires. Slapped on the new RE71's for a scrub-in and knew we were right where we needed to be. The 2nd car just needed a few minor adjustments with a "hammer" to be race ready.


Our main goal was to get the 300 into the top 10, trying to get it qualified for the Championship. We knew the 240 had the speed needed to contend. Started mid-pack and had the 240 in P1 just before our first pitstop. We had an awesome battle with OFIC for what felt like the entire first stint. Rodney is a cool dude, great racing with you. Held onto the lead for most of the second stint until our driver reported a flat tire. Pit, check it out, nothing, you're crazy. Get back out there! 1 lap and back in, something is definitely wrong. Found the problem, RR lower control arm snapped at one of the mounting points. Basically race over. Repaired it and made some laps to ensure it was good for Sunday and parked it. The 300 held its own, flirting with the top10 until it wasn't. Dead on track and had to be towed in. A quick diagnosis revealed the coil died, remember that "hammer" adjustment, yup, in the inner fenderwell right behind the coil. Fixed that and motored on. Then it died again. Coil wire fell off, duct tape and zip ties solved that, and managed to bring it home in 17th. Not bad, but short of what we needed.


Sunday we were ready to rock! Again, starting midfield, on a much drier track than anticipated. We put our hot shoe in and he delivered. Up to P1 before the 30min mark. His speed came at a price though, fuel burn was higher than normal and we had to pit early. Uneventful until the final pitstop which came just a little earlier than we wanted. But it was under caution and we had to seize the moment as the 2nd place car GWR pitted 1 lap earlier. We weren't really ready as we had just stopped the 300 and were 1 dump can short. A quick scooter ride to the fuel pumps and an almost accident on the return trip, we managed to get it all finished in under 5 minutes. Game on. We knew GWR would be pushing hard and we had to make it on fuel. We managed the gap, watching closely at the lap times. We got it done and took home the win!!  GWR managed to get their lap back right at the line, photobombing our victory. By the way, great photo Bill. Sunday's 1st and 2nd and Saturday's winner all in one shot. Nice work.


Sunday was all good for the 300 until it wasn't. Somewhere during the second stint, our driver reported the steering wheel is falling off. Uh oh! Stopped to investigate and sure enough, the screws had backed out of the hub adapter. Only one was left and hanging on by just a few threads. Fixed and back out, we knew we needed to try some strategy to get back in contention for a top 10. We took a page out of Visceral's playbook and did a driver only change. We came up 1 lap short of what we needed and ran out of fuel coming onto pitroad. All still wasn't lost though, we still had a chance of a decent finish. That is until the screws backed out of the steering wheel again. Fixed it one final time and due to attrition brought it home in 20th.


We would have never had a shot if Flatout hadn't wrecked. Sorry to see that. You guys are a rocket ship. Not sure what happened to Visceral and why they weren't out there Sunday, but still some stiff competition. Shout out to Justin and the Average Joe's for your great run on Saturday. Another shout-out to GWR and Lone Star Rallycross. We were all pitted next to each other and had a great time all weekend. Thanks for the whiskey too.

We didn't meet our goal in the 300 but made up for it with the win in the 240. 3 in a row baby! Now on to the thorn in our side, VIR. Maybe this is the year? Thanks to our drivers in the 300 Ryan, Kevin, Nathan, and Allen. Ya'll did an awesome job! There's not enough thanks to go around to all the wives for your love, support, and great food. I think they fed half the paddock Saturday with nachos. Thanks to 360 Communications and the Deal Bros for your support. A big thanks to Scott for all your hard work. And lastly, ChampCar, keep up the great work. Best racing anywhere.

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