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--- NLS Racing VIR24 race report ---

We entered VIR fresh off our first victory, so needless to say we were feeling pretty good about our chances. The car was all sorted out and prepped for 24 hours of punishment. We had our usual line up of drivers with 2 additional renters, one of whom had never even sat in our car before. A quick few laps during practice for the new guys and then the rapidly approaching green flag.

We started 29th and drove up to 12th when our 1st driver radioed in that something was terribly wrong with the rear suspension. Only 30mins into the race and we're behind the wall. Turns out the rear lower ball joint pulled out of its mount. One borrowed welder later (thanks Brew Krew), we were back on track and the car was back to full speed, although our lofty expectations of a win were gone.


At this point, we were shooting for a top 10 at best. We pressed on for the next few stints logging laps and picking em off one at a time. But that pesky ball joint reared its ugly head again. This time its was an all or nothing fix as we had not brought our spares for the rear suspension (never again). We welded the fool outta that thing and just prayed it would hold together, only needed it to last for 17 more hours. And hold together it did, as we were able to finish the rest of the race relatively drama-free, except for the warped rotors that would shake your fillings loose and our final driver cooked it into Oak Tree and tagged the tire wall with about 15mins left in the race. To his defense, we were pushing him, as we were gaining rapidly on 5th position and would've liked that top 5 finish. All in all, we are stoked with our result. 6th place was better than most of us could've hoped for early in the race.

As always, great race Champcar, keep up the good work. A big thanks to everybody that makes this happen, Champcar staff, corner workers, volunteers, family, and friends. And a tip of the hat to Chris and the 2 Pinkies Out cars/drivers. 1-2 finish at the 24, doesn't get much better than that.


                                      We'll be back.........Atlanta Motorsports Park  October 24-25, 2020!!!

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